Breeding Philosophy

The Bar T Bar breeding philosophy, in a nutshell: We cull the ones that don’t work.

  • Inherent fertility, first and foremost: We have no tolerance for open, late-bred cows or cows that do not wean a calf.
  • In harmony with the resources: Mother Nature defines our herd; only cows that can produce here stay here. We use planned-grazing practices to maximize beef production with minimal inputs.
  • Simplified crossbreeding: We optimize maternal hybrid vigor by sourcing outcross Angus (British), Gelbvieh (continental), SimAngus, Brangus, and Beefmaster (heat-tolerant), and Santa Gertrudis genetics. In our own commercial herd, using Balancers® has reduced the number of herds we run, increasing range-management flexibility and reducing costs over time.
  • Added value in the marketplace: We produce calves that meet the industry demand for feedlot efficiency and carcass grade and yield. Those cattle that meet grid and branded specifications are even more valuable.

It’s a matter of genetics.

Our bulls are capable of acclimating and producing in arid environments because their mothers have been selected to produce on the range through 35 years of consistent culling. We use multiple generations of calving ease and carcass quality, while improving growth and milk to the levels that are sustainable in our environment.

Crossbreeding gives us the best of both worlds — the calving ease and carcass quality of the Angus, and the meat, milk, and fertility of the Gelbvieh*. They excel in the pasture, in the feedlot, and on the rail. That’s why the Bar T Bar is the the largest producer of Dams of Merit and Dams of Distinction in the U.S.

* and the heat tolerance and longevity of the Beefmaster and Santa Gertrudis.


Contact Us

The Prosser Family
P.O. Box 190
Winslow, AZ 86047

Bob Prosser: 928-380-5149

Seedstock Herd Manager, Kristin Hovey

Bob was awarded the
"2017 Breeder of the Year"
by the American Gelbvieh

Our Promise

  • $ RANCH for Leachman Cattle Company
    • All our sale bulls’ averages rank in top 13%
    • Their mothers calve every year in 45 days or they are gone
    • All our sale bulls’ averages rank in the top 13% for Fertility & top 10% for Teat & Udder scores
    • $ PROFIT
      • All our sale bulls’ averages rank in top 7%
      • Balanced trait selection for Life Cycle Efficiency, moderate size, post weaning growth, carcass merit & low PAP.
    • $ FEEDER
      • All our sale bulls averages rank in top 13%
      • Feed efficiency tested since 2010.
      • Every bulls in the sale is feed efficiency tested.

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