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Southwest cow and heifer sales : Angus, Balancer, Gelbvieh
Cows and heifers : Bar T Bar Ranch

"Those bred heifers are mountain-goat-units. I never expected them to climb these rough hills. They didn't lose their condition at all and are nice and calm. They never missed a beat!" —Gary Hollowell, Kingman, AZ

“I am very pleased with the heifers that I purchased from Bar T Bar Ranch. I have had no calving problems, and they have had a 95% breed back. I am a repeat buyer of heifers from Bar T Bar.” —Senator Chester Crandell

Fertility is first and foremost. Every cow has less than a 380-day calving interval.

The Prosser Family
P.O. Box 190
Winslow, AZ 86047
928.289.2619 (winter) 928.477.2458 (summer) info@bartbar.com

Southwest cow and heifer sales


Bar T Bar brand

The #1 or #2 breeder and owner of dams of merit and dams of distinction in the U.S. — for 17 years running!

Of our eligible cows, 83 head, or 41 percent, earned the honor of a dam of merit or distinction. This makes the Bar T Bar Ranch the second largest breeder and owner of dams of merit and distinction — and we do it in less than 12-inch rainfall country with minimal inputs.

Bar T Bar offers commercial replacement females in volume numbers each fall. Heifers start calving February 20th. They are bred to easy-calving Black and Red Angus bulls. Call us in mid to late summer to insure we will have what you need.

We are the second largest producer of Dams of Merit and Dams of Distinction in the U.S.


“Thanks for taking care of the delivery of the bred heifers. They are nice! We worked them yesterday, and it was nice to have cattle that handle well. They have big footsteps to follow as the heifers we got from you last year weaned 600 lb. calves and every one of them bred back.“ — Dave Kaess, Kaess Cattle Co., La Junta, CO

Available on or around October 1, 2019: Private treaty replacement heifers

Call early!