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“Hardiness is exemplified by those individuals which carry on their relentless production assignments year after year with minimum assistance.”

—Tom Lasater

The Prosser Family
P.O. Box 190
Winslow, AZ 86047
928.289.2619 (winter) 928.477.2458 (summer) info@bartbar.com

Southwest bull sales

Bull sales

Bar T Bar brand

What people are saying about our bulls...

"I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how well they settled in — they are big, and handsome, and doing their job happily, as we had a 96% conception rate. The heifer bulls did great, and all are out there on the range getting bigger by the minute. We will be coming to your next sale to buy one more bull, as we have to get rid of one of ours, who is getting to be a bit dangerous in disposition. And that's another thing we like about your boys — they are nice to deal with, pleasant bovine gentlemen!"

—Eve Searle, Cobre Loma Ranch, Pearce, AZ

“I am very pleased with the heifers that I purchased from Bar T Bar Ranch. I have had no calving problems, and they have had a 95% breed back. I am a repeat buyer of heifers from Bar T Bar.”

—The Late Senator Chester Crandell

“When we bought our ranch the cattle that came with it were from –T-. We purchased two more groups of bred heifers from –T- and one from a neighbor that uses –T- genetics. We still have 17 cows from the 1st original group that are 12-14 years old and have given us a calf every year. We buy –T- bulls too. After purchasing bred heifers from another rancher, we were unhappy with the results. We plan to buy only –T- cattle from now on.”

—Sonia Gasho, Willcox, AZ

“We purchased a Balancer bull from your ranch several years ago. He is the best bull we have had in 48 years of ranching. 100% calf crop on each breeding, all polled, and all black. No assisted births. Add to this that the calves were docile and easy to work. The calves were heavy gainers and never had a sick day. All the calves weaned at 720 lbs. average at 6-7 months. Our cows are heavy milkers, but your bull put the gain ability in them. The rib eye scores were off the charts.”

—Dr. Angie Bettcher, Patton, TX

“I just wanted to share the results on the 59 steers I sent to the feedlot in Texas. They got slaughtered this month. Of the 59 head, 54 graded choice or better (two graded prime). I had them fed on 'natural feed,' and 41 of them qualified to sell through the 'Creekstone Farms' program and I got a premium of about $150 per head. These higher-grading calves were because of the good bulls I got from Bob and the AI Angus bulls I used from Gary — with my selection dominated by 'marbling' traits. This is despite the fact that my cow herd is still predominately a Beefmaster / Brangus herd. Thank you both for helping me move toward my cattle goals!”

—Chuck Backus, Quarter Circle U Ranch, Apache Junction, AZ

“Bar T Bar has done a tremendous job of developing genetics that work with limited feed resources. The Balancers from Bar T Bar Ranch are filling a need in Sonora, where cows have gotten too big with too little fertility. These cattle fit for many reasons.”

—Ray Rodriguez, Agro-Tech