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About the Bar T Bar Ranch, Southwest bull breeders
About us : Seedstock Pkus and other partners : Bar T Bar Ranch
About the Bar T Bar Ranch, Southwest bull breeders


"Country Natural Beef producers have integrity.  Providing beef you can feel great about eating is part of the deal."

- Judy Prosser


The Prosser Family
P.O. Box 190
Winslow, AZ 86047
928.289.2619 (winter) 928.477.2458 (summer) info@bartbar.com

About teh Bar T Bar Ranch : Southwest bull sales

About us

Bar T Bar brand

Diablo Burger: It’s all about local

Diablo BurgerBar T Bar supplies beef to Diablo Burger, Arizona’s favorite gourmet burger joints located in the heart of both downtown Flagstaff and Tucson.

Seedstock Plus, a cooperative

Seedstock Plus, a cooperative of independent producersThe Bar T Bar Ranch is a member of Seedstock Plus, LLC, a cooperative of independent seedstock producers. Seedstock Plus markets 800 bulls and has 50 independent seedstock herds (members) in 13 states. It’s also the largest supplier of Balancer genetics in the nation.

Collectively, the individual herds that comprise Seedstock Plus offer customers more genetic breadth and options. Seedstock Plus members offer their entire weaning crop to the organization for selection. Selected bulls are then developed at one of six regional performance-testing facilities. Based on strict requirements for performance, pedigree, EPDs, structural soundness, and overall conformation, 15–20 percent of these bulls will be culled at the end of these tests. This means that bulls are not only developed and performance-tested, but they are also acclimated on a regional basis.

Country Natural Beef

Country Natural BeefCountry Natural Beef was established in Oregon in 1976, is 40 years old, and therefore, is by far the oldest living beef cooperative in the U.S. Its' purpose is to provide natural, quality, beef to consumers while being good stewards of the environment, their animals, and their families. 100,000 mother cows managed on millions of acres of private and public lands in the west provide the source. What sets us apart: We hold ourselves to high product quality, animal welfare, and environmental standards. We don't do it because we have to — we do it because we care.

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