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About the Bar T Bar Ranch, Southwest bull breeders
About us : Bar T Bar Ranch Facts
About the Bar T Bar Ranch, Southwest bull breeders

“Cattle breeding is a relatively simple endeavor. The only difficult part is to keep it simple.”

—Tom Lasater

The Prosser Family
P.O. Box 190
Winslow, AZ 86047
928.289.2619 (winter) 928.477.2458 (summer) info@bartbar.com

About teh Bar T Bar Ranch : Southwest bull sales

About us

Bar T Bar brand

Bar T Bar Facts

The Bar T Bar Ranch, Inc., is a Subchapter S Corporation owned and operated by Bob and Judy Prosser and their sons Spencer and Warren Prosser. An Arizona agribusiness since 1924, Judy Prosser represents the third generation of the Chilson family.

Cattle Operation

1,200 commercial cows, 800 replacement heifers
400 registered Balancer, Angus, & Gelbvieh cows


Bar T Bar owns 3V’s, 41, Cross, –T–.  We use the Cross on the right hip of the registered cattle and bulls, and the –T– on the right side of our commercial cattle.


587 miles of fence
41 miles of buried pipeline
73 steel and concrete drinking tubs
47 miles of canals and ditches
286 earthen reservoirs and stock ponds
19 working corrals and shipping facilities
5 line camps
68 pastures, 3 cell-grazing systems with 34 paddocks
15 holding traps

Water Resources

The Bar T Bar owns rights to 1,000 acre-feet of surface water for irrigation, stock ponds, and flood control. This water is stored in Tremaine and Soldier Annex Lakes. We also have 20 deep wells (450–1,000 feet) and 3 shallow wells.

Winter Range

Northern: Primary grasses include blue grama, black grama, galleta, alkalai sacaton, needle and thread, Indian ricegrass, and vine mesquite; primary browse includes four-wing saltbush, shadscale, Bigelow sage, and Mormon tea.

Southern: Primary grasses include blue grama, black grama, squirreltail, sand dropseed, Indian ricegrass, and needle and thread; primary browse includes winterfat, Bigelow sage, four-wing saltbush, and Mormon tea.

Summer Range

Low elevation: Grasses include blue grama, western wheatgrass, crested wheatgrass, squirreltail, Junegrass, Indian ricegrass, and mutton grass; browses include cliff rose, winterfat, four-wing saltbush, mountain mahogany, and four o’clock.

High elevation: Grasses include Arizona fescue, western wheatgrass, mountain muhley, fringed brome grass, mutton grass, Kentucky bluegrass, intermediate wheatgrass, crested wheatgrass, orchard grass, Blue grama, Spike and Bull Muhly, Squirreltail, and black and pine dropseed; other forages include Gambel’s oak, yellow sweetclover, pea vine, cliffrose, sages, bur clover, and annual forbs.